A disciple is not a vessel to be filled, but a torch that needs to be ignited.  


Eugen Brim’s Workshop 

Fill to the brim or the door to another dimension.

              This unique worshop is dedicated entirely to opening up an individual potential of artistic persona and study of the creative human individuality. It is exactly through these two concepts lies the way to the comprehension of art. I see art as a bridge to the true beauty that, according to the ancient thinkers, is destined to save our world.

Part One - we examine the mechanics of the human body, body physicality if you will. We will consider parallels of the physical theater with nature and contemplate connections of the physical theater with our environment on  planet Earth. When I say nature I mean every natural phenomenon, especially movements of the animals. We will study traditional schools of movement, developed in different cultures on Earth.

Part Two is dedicated to human psychology and its application to physical theater. Our everyday life, routine is perceived by the human in a various ways, critical situations are changing our body language. That’s where students will be introduced to the basics of acting.

Part Three - we will conduct an array of experiments on environmental awareness. Physical awareness of the partner's presence and ability to coordinate your moves with your partners are taught through the array of  rhythmical exercises. We will perform music awareness exercises. Exercises to develop awareness of the polyphony as a mean of expression in physical theater, where each musical part and instrument voice can be expressed through movement. We will practice awareness of light on stage and we will play with stage light.

In Part Four we will perform improvisations. It is a group activity in which students will use skills acquired in previous parts.

Q and A Session.