Year 2000: I decided to build another theater, and where - in Las Vegas!

My house was quite modest and not too large. It was looking just like many houses nearby, but only outside... Inside of this box I made many changes. I built a small room inside of garage, which became my sound and light booth. I spent many sleepless nights thinking about electrical chords, computer programs and who knows what else.

But I needed a stage...I decided to replace an old window with two large handmade wooden doors. I could open them wide enough without seeing them from the inside of my living room.. At night, in the darkness, this space miraculously transformed itself into one deep and wide theatrical stage. One half of this stage was in my living room, another was outside, in my backyard. 

Black walls and black wooden floors added to this effect. During the day absolutely empty black living room made my visitors wear a question on their faces which they did not dare to ask... But those who knew me, sensed that something is happening here at night, something really interesting. So it was...

My whole family became part of this process, kids were growing up in the atmosphere of total creativity. 

My first project was called "Light for Darkness"….      (Watch the video at the bottom of the page)